A web site can appear down for many reasons: Please check the following


1. Is your internet connection working properly?

2. Has your domain name expired recently? You can log in to the client area at https://www.smartartist.com.au/login.php to check domains registered through us.

3. If you have had a number of failed logins recently, our firewall may have temporarilly blocked your IP. If this is the case, the block should be lifted automatically after approx 30mins. Other people can see your site normally during this period.

4. If your site is displaying a suspended message, it may be related to a security or billing issue. Please contact support in these cases.

5. If your site appears blank, or is displaying an error message, this usually indicates a script issue. You can check the Troubleshooting section, and/or contact support for additional assistance.


If you are unsure if the issue is on our end or yours, you can check using the site


To check for issues regarding our services, please check the status announcements page:



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