iphones - setting up email

This tutorial explains the steps required to check your email using your iPhone 3G.

1. Select the "Settings" option from your iphone's home screen.

2. Then select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

3. Under "Accounts" select the "Add Account" option.

4. On the "Add Account" page select "Other"

5. Select the "Add Mail Account" button.

6. On the "New Account" screen fill in the following details:

    * Name: your 'from' email name (example: John Smith)
    * Address: your full email address (example jsmith@yourdomainname.com.au)
    * Password: the password you assigned when you created the email address cPanel.
    * Description: a general description for the email accounts list (ie yourdomainname)

when completed, select "Save".

7. Details won't be retrieved automatically, so select "POP" and scroll down to continue to enter the settings.

Incoming Mail Server Settings:

    Hostname: mail.yourdomainname.com
    Username: your full email address (example: jsmith@yourdomainname.com.au)
    Password: (this should default to the earlier password entered)

Outgoing Mail Server Settings:

Outgoing mail settings are typically supplied by your phone provider.
In some instances the incoming settings repeated here might work for you, though not always.
If that is the case, contact your phone provider for the correct settings for sending mail.

8. Once you've entered all the information, select the "Save" button. Then choose "yes" to set up without SSL.
   Your new email address should now show on the accounts list.



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