Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have been in the hosting business since 1998. Yes - 20 years of serving customers. Our Company was registered in 2003.
Absolutely. Contact us within the first month for a full refund, regardless of reasons.
Yes, after ordering, and prior to payment, you can contact our billing department to arrange a one-month trial period to activate your account..
Yes. As soon as your first invoice is paid you will be sent your login credentials. If you have opted for the free trial your credentials will be sent after you have contacted our billing department.
We accept Credit/debit cards - Mastercard, Visa and Amex, Paypal and Direct Bank deposits.
We are glad to look at any situation regarding bulk accounts and provide a cost effective solution. Please contact us with the details.
You can open a ticket via the client area, email us, or phone 1300 130 317. We are available 24/7.

Web Hosting

You don't have to do a thing! Simply allow 24-48 hours for your new free certificate to install. Certificates will install automatically once the DNS update has completed.
We support multiple PHP versions, from earlier versions 4.4, right up to the most recent, 7.2. You can choose your preferred version via cpanel. MySQL is currently version 5.6.
We use CloudLinux, each account is limited to 1 CPU and 1GB of memory. PHP is limited to 256MB. MySQL and I/O is not monitored.
You may create as many email boxes and email forwarders you require. The only limit here is the maximum amount of disk space for your hosting account. You may use our outgoing SMTP as well. Configuration details are available via cPanel.
For security reasons we don't allow direct SSH access through our firewall, however for command-line access you can use the cPanel built-in Terminal. If you must have direct SSH access, consider asking about a VPS or Dedicated service that can be securely configured to your requirements.
All our servers are located in Australia. The majority are in Equinix Sydney, and few backup services are located in Brisbane.
Yes. You have access to the last 7 days of backups via cPanel. You can restore on a per-file or per-directory basis if required. We do recommend you also take your own backup copies at the frequency that best suits your own requirements.
Shared hosting in on our DELL enterprise servers, with Cloudlinux (Centos 6/7 base).